Achievement (Tonurin, Darin)

Achievement (Tonurin, Darin)

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"1 / f fluctuation"

"1 / F fluctuation" included in the tone of a long time. It is scientifically defined as the sound of the natural world that people feel comfortable, such as the flow of Ogawa, the sound of the waves, and the song of the bird.

Production area: Toyama Prefecture

· Tanorin (black and silver)
I did two calling sounds. Silver is somewhat high and black is slightly lower. Two beautiful sounds will be enhanced just by leaning lightly with your finger.

Body size: φ50 × height 500 mm
Copper alloy
Pendulum: Hematite (Natural Stone)
Color / sound: · black / bass (lacquer finish) · silver / treble (balladium finish)

· Durin
Each time you open and close the door, you will sound a gentle sound. I would like to use it with my life.

Body size: Width 30 × depth 50 × height 90 mm
Copper alloy
Pendulum: Brass
Frame: with aluminum magnet
Color: element (original)

How to install: The back side is a magnet, so it is easily mounted if it is a door with a magnet. If the door to be installed does not stick with a magnet, the attached metal plate (with double-sided tape) is tape or attached to the attached nail.