Hisano Orin (Sat, No sound Oborogin-Glow)

Hisano Orin (Sat, No sound Oborogin-Glow)

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"Fluctuation of 1 / f"

"Fluctuation of 1 / f" that is included in the timbre of Hisano Orin. Ogawa of flow, the sound of the waves, such as birdsong, people have been scientifically defined as the natural sound of feel the comfort.

Entrance and the room, such as a refrigerator, it can be used attached to your favorite door. Since the sound is not too large, you can use also the apartment, and the like. Throat, No (Moto SumiSmokedIt sounds like wind chimes in a gentle tone compared to).

Origin: Toyama Prefecture

Dimensions: Width 48 × depth 70 × height 110mm
Orin: copper alloy
Pendulum: Brass
Base: aluminum
Arm: Sutenreresu
With magnet
Color: Oborogin (Oborogin) - Glow (Kosai)

Mounting way: Because the back is a magnet, it can be installed easily When was the door to get a magnet. If the door to mount does not stick with a magnet, you can attach the included metal version of the (double-sided tape) tape, or with the supplied nails.