Kumano brush face washing brush

Kumano brush face washing brush

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"Cleanness that resonates with skin and mind"

Kumano-cho in Kumano-cho, Aki-gun, Aki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture boasts a share of Japan. The soft texture of 0.05mm and the haired haired by the hand of the craftsman's hand and the soft feel of the animal 's hand, which is originally developed by the manufacturing destination, and the soft feel of animals selected by the hand of the craftsman.

Production area: Hiroshima Prefecture


· Clean face brush
Wave-based ultrafine fibers are well-baids, and they can be washed without stimulating the skin because they do not bubble. It is the size and shape perfect for easy nose and eye washing. The fibers that knead the antimicrobial agent are not smell and can be used cleanly.

How to use ~
Make your face wash well, put the bubbles on your face, and then wash the brush with water and wash your face with a brush. At this time, there is no need to press it strongly. If you have a brush carefully with your eyes, nasal muscle, etc., you will find a clean face.

~ After use-
Slow bubbles from the root, and if you turn it lightly and cut it, just put in shape and stand. Dry about half a day. Because it is independent, it is easy to dry.

Material: Hister: PBT (Polybutilente Futalate) 100%
Size: about φ20, H95 mm