Company ProfileCompany Overview

Company name Blue Moon Partners Co., Ltd. (Bluemoon Partners Inc.)
address 〒900-0004
Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture 2-3-1
Makar Yon _ Go (Nano Industry Support Center) Room 404
Representative telephone 098-927-7207
Establishment January 7, 2015
Capital 60 million yen (including capital loan ¥ 40 million) As of April 1, 2020
Representative Representative director CEO IIITORT (MITSUGU IHA)
Contents of business
  • Business consulting business
  • Accountment of economy, industry, market, management and various surveys
  • Venture Business Support, Entrepreneurship Support Duties
  • Computer development, branding and promotional consulting
  • Lecture, various seminars, training and counseling planning and contract
  • Business consignment of various advertisements and various advertising
  • Printing / bookbinding of various publications, and various information provision work
  • Planning and planning sales of their own brand products
  • R & D business
  • All work related to the previous items